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As much as a brick, stone, and similar masonry elements can stand the test of time, mortar is more susceptible to damage or crumbling after twenty to thirty years. With proper tuckpointing care of reputable contractors in Chicago, you will be able to maintain the quality of the tuckpointing of your property, whether for a residential or commercial space. Our tuckpointing contractors in Chicago are professional, hard-working, and punctual. You can rely on them to finish your tuckpointing work in Chicago on the dot with the exact quality you want. We are keen on every step of the process from the initial estimates to the final inspections. 

For the best tuckpointing company in Chicago, trust W&M Tuckpointing Contractors to deliver everything that you need. Feel free to reach out anytime and talk to one of our trusted tuckpointing contractors in Chicago!

How Tuckpointing Chicago, IL Adds Value To Your Home

Tuckpointing is the process of combining two contrasting colors to give the appearance of authentic brick walls. The old joint mortar is removed and filled with fresh ones. While the whole process does not involve the use of real bricks, tuckpointing Chicago is an integral part of maintaining the value and aesthetics of your brick home. 

Essentially, tuckpointing Chicago does a wonderful job of maintaining the integrity of your brick structure, including historical buildings, commercial spaces, and rustic brick homes. By having a strong home, you and your family can be well protected for a long time. Tuckpointing is also a cost-efficient method of maintaining your brickwork without the need for costly repairs or demolitions. Tuckpointing is a great investment, but the benefits definitely outweigh the costs. Overall, your home greatly benefits with improved structural integrity and a spruced up exterior for your neighbors to admire. 

Without a doubt, tuckpointing effectively increases the curb appeal of any home or other brick property. Fresh tuckpointing can take years, even decades, away from any old brick structure and give it a refreshing take in any modern setting. A brick home alone would stand out in a sea of concrete homes. 

Timely tuckpointing would make an even more remarkable job in keeping it up and standing for years to come. This does not only serve the current homeowner, but also the next homeowner if the house is to be sold in the future. Your gallery photos can prove well enough how well maintained your home is. This intricate process can make your structure properly symmetrical, stylish, and fitting for modern settings. It also proves to be great protection from harsh weather conditions in the local area. You will have no urgent worries with leaks or unanticipated deteriorations.

Tuckpointing Near Me In Chicago, IL – FAQ

Does tuckpointing in Chicago need to be done frequently?

You may have to replace the mortar on your wall about every twenty-five to thirty years, but in a wetter climate or an area with severe weather, it should be done more frequently. So you can gauge your tuckpointing in Chicago on that.


Why is tuckpointing in Chicago beneficial?

Tuckpointing near me in Chicago is a common practice for maintaining brick structures with mortar that is obviously wearing away. Historical brick buildings are excellent examples of those that need tuckpointing contractors in Chicago because these structures were originally constructed with less advanced materials that tend to break down from wear and damage. 


How long should my tuckpointing in Chicago last?

With your brickwork effectively repaired by our expert team of tuckpointing contractors in Chicago, your tuckpointing should control water leaks and structural settling for years, if not decades.


How can I know if I need to call for tuckpointing companies in Chicago?

Check the mortar all around your brick structure. If you see cracking, crumbling, or any holes in the mortar, then you know it’s time to call W&M Tuckpointing near me in Chicago.


When To Hire a Tuckpointing Company Chicago, IL

Tuckpointing could be done in a wide choice of styles, methods, colors depending on the brick or stone material’s condition and age among other factors. A professional team of tuckpointing contractors in Chicago would know which method goes best for a particular outcome you’re going for.

Take a look at our company profile. At W&M Tuckpointing, we take pride in our roster of brilliant contractors with mastery in color-matching mortars, cleaning and preparing cracks and joints for repair, and using the best techniques for an efficient job done. They could prepare mortar joints in different ways, including angled, flat, recessed, or round. Tuckpointing near me in Chicago involves nitty-gritty details that only skilled contractors can perform. We are one of the most trusted tuckpointing companies in Chicago. Feel free to consult us anytime for any tuckpointing concern you have. We work promptly and charge reasonable rates for all clients in Chicagoland. Call W&M Tuckpointing now!

Tuckpointing Chicago, IL – How often should you tuckpoint?

Brick houses are beautiful and show strength and sturdiness. However, that strength needs to be maintained. One of the things you can do to preserve the integrity of your property is through tuckpointing. Tuckpointing is the process of removing and replacing mortar joints in between the brickworks on your home. But many homeowners don’t know how often you should tuckpoint? Our professional tuckpointing contractors in Chicago suggest that you should tuck point your home every 10 to 15 years. However, the condition of your masonry will depend on several factors, such as the weather, climate, and elements. The quality of your tuckpointing will tell you how often you need to re-do it.

To ensure that you will get high-quality tuckpointing using a high-quality mortar and skilled workers, call W&M Tuckpointing Contractors Chicago. Our tuckpointing company is the leading company when it comes to expertise and high-quality work. Don’t settle for less when it comes to your home’s integrity. Give us a call today!

How Tuckpointing Chicago, IL Is Done

REMOVING THE OLD MORTAR: After W&M Tuckpointing Contractors in Chicago assesses the situation where the mortar will need to be replaced, the first step in tuckpointing is removing the loose or cracked mortar. Once you see the solid mortar, use a stiff-bristle brush to clean the dust and other debris. Tuckpointing contractors in Chicago use a technique to wet the brush to remove tiny bits of mortar that remain.

REPLACING WITH NEW MORTAR: Mix the mortar until it reaches the consistency of peanut butter and until it can cling to an upended trowel to replace the deteriorating mortar. Start with horizontal joints, apply the hawk against the brick, then slide the mortar into the joint with a tuck pointer. Remove void with a few slicing passes on the trowel’s edge and add more mortar until the open joint is filled. Smooth and compact the mortar and scrape the excess mortar off the brick. Call W&M Tuckpointing Contractors in Chicago if you need tuckpointing.

Steps Of Tuckpointing Chicago, IL

W&M Tuckpointing Chicago starts the process by removing the existing mortar joints. Our tuckpointing contractors in Chicago use a hammer or chisel to remove the mortar.
Clean the open joints by removing the dirt and debris leftover. Use a hose, masonry brush, or blow the joints with a leaf blower. 
Mix mortar to specification on the product bag and match the existing color. Measure the exact mortar blending pigment to blend the other batches of the same hue. 
Once W&M Tuckpointing in Chicago is ready with the tuckpointing process, we fill the joints with the new mortar using a trowel to push the mortar into the wall. Make sure to use the appropriate tools for the size of the joint. 
Smooth the mortar to resemble a flat surface and allow the mortar to cure for a short while. 
Use a straightedge, brush, and tuckpointing tool to scrape straight lines for a finished, smooth look. 
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