Best Time for Tuckpointing Repairs Chicago, IL

The brickwork and masonry are perhaps one of the most important aspects of a building here in Chicago, for the fact that it gives the facade a perspective of unimaginable splendor. However, although they require minor maintenance, they can only be kept together for 20-30 years (or even less because of the winters here in Chicago) before requiring tuckpointing work. Therefore, WM Tuckpointing Contractors Chicago recommends carrying out these tasks in the Spring season, where the demand for tuckpointing services is lower than in the summer.

Why Tuckpoint?
The main reason for using tuckpointing is that the old mortar that is between the masonry is replaced by a new one and in this way, it prevents moisture from getting inside the masonry and causing deterioration over time to the point of causing a catastrophic failure that compromises the structural integrity of your commercial or residential space.

When Should I Tuckpoint?
If you notice any evidence of deteriorated bricks, holes, gaps, or cracks in the mortar joints, as well as a white substance on the face of the masonry, it is suggested that you call your trusted tuckpointing contractors Chicago to proceed with the repairs as soon as possible. It should be noted that the perfect conditions to develop this work are with air temperatures between 40-90 ° F in the 24 hours before and 72 hours after, respectively. Apart from this, there should be no rainy or snowy conditions the day before and hours after the completion of the work.

We Provide Quality Repairs
Of all the tuckpointing companies in Chicago for property repair or restoration, WM Tuckpointing Contractors is your best option for quality services! If you want a high-quality work and satisfaction index, call us now! We will gladly be there to help you!