Is There a Difference Between Repointing and Tuckpointing in Chicago?

In the world of brick repair, masonry contractors in Chicago often use the terms “repointing” or “tuckpointing.” As a homeowner, these terms might be interchangeable, but they are very different in their applications.

What You Should Know About Repointing and Tuckpointing in Chicago

Repointing is simply the process of masonry companies removing the existing mortar and adding new mortar to strengthen the joints.

However, tuckpointing is a similar process with a slight difference. Tuckpointing contractors in Chicago, remove any damaged mortar to replace it with new mortar in a color that matches the bricks. Then, a thin line of mortar in a contrasting color is embedded through the middle of the new mortar joints. So tuckpointing by W&M Tuckpointing Contractors in Chicago uses two different colors within the mortar. The first is to fill the mortar joints, and the second enhances the center of the mortar joint, offering the illusion that it is perfectly aligned.

Two Processes, One Common Goal

While both methods are slightly different, they both share a common goal: the removal of damaged mortar in favor of new mortar. Bricks are very durable, but mortar can require this type of maintenance over time, making it necessary to contact masonry companies in Chicago like W&M Tuckpointing Contractors.

This is important, as mortar is a significant part of any masonry in Chicago. The structural integrity relies on solid mortar to keep moisture from seeping into the bricks, weakening the entire wall. The mortar also maintains proper joint spacing, making tuckpointing in Chicago a critical service.

So while both repointing and tuckpointing are designed to repair deteriorating mortar, tuckpointing serves to enhance the aesthetics as well.

Tuckpointing contractors in Chicago work to simulate the look of rubbed brick masonry without the high cost. Rubbed bricks have a very fine, red finish to them, as they are produced to be slightly oversized, then they are individually hand-rubbed to the proper dimensions. When they are laid by professional masonry contractors in Chicago, they look fantastic against a fine white mortar.