Tuckpointing Chicago, IL – Why Should You Care?

For anyone who is not in the masonry field, tuckpointing is where the mortar between bricks, or chimney stones, that has deteriorated over time, is removed and replaced with new mortar that matches the brick, then sealed with a special putty to maintain the aesthetics of the affected area.

In older towns like Chicago where some of the masonry dates back to the turn of the 20th century, tuckpointing to maintain the aesthetics of classic buildings is a very large part of the masonry business. It is relatively simple to do, but it does require a skilled hand of the qualified tuckpointing contractor familiar with Chicago building construction.

Benefits of tuckpointing

There are three reasons why tuckpointing is critical to a brick building’s survivability.

  • If the corrosion and degradation isn’t halted, the wall can collapse under the strain of its own weight. Tuckpointing removes that pressure.
  • In the deteriorated areas, moisture can seep in, affecting the interior of the building. Tuckpointing provides an additional barrier keeping moisture out.
  • It is possible that the mortar is failing due to faulty workmanship. If this is the case, it is time to call the professionals at W&M Tuckpointing to get the situation remedied. 

Brick is a wonderful material for buildings, and it can withstand the test of time, but like anything, proper care and maintenance is the only way to ensure a lifetime of structural integrity. If you need tuckpointing in Chicago, give the professional masons at W&M Tuckpointing a call.